Rebooting My Resume

I loved my full-time mothering years. Yes, they were exhausting days full of changing diapers, washing sticky floors and doorknobs, folding laundry, pushing swings, washing dishes and other thankless jobs. But they were also full of snuggling with sleeping infants, doing the funny voices of Dr. Seuss for toddlers, making Lego fairy worlds with preschoolers and realizing that taking walks in the sunshine of midday is one of the most therapeutic experiences in life.

Now my youngest daughter is in kindergarten, and we need more income so that we can buy a house. It’s time to reach into my dusty box of professional tools and see what skills I can market to the working world.

Updating My Resume

The first task in my job-hunting expedition was to identify those dusty professional skills and to update my resume. In doing so, I was pleased and surprised to discover how many skills I had acquired or sharpened over the last eleven years of motherhood. For example, I have always considered myself an excellent problem-solver. When I worked in student services at the collegiate level, I loved to help students and parents problem solve their way through tuition bills, financial aid packages and class registration. As a mom, I’ve had to trouble-shoot countless problems such as how to motivate a whiny kid to clean her room, how to move across the country with two young children, and how to feed a family of four 21 meals a week on a tight budget.

As a mom, I have had countless opportunities to care for children other than my own, including a two-year stint as a foster parent. These experiences have provided training in child development, behavior management, and care coordination. Those phrases now appear on my resume.

I was also surprised to discover skills that I wanted to develop further, but, until now, didn’t have the time to nurture; I remembered how much I love learning languages and decided that I wanted to learn Spanish. I realized that all the creative writing classes I took in college were going unused, so I decided to start this blog. Rewriting my resume has been like pulling out the box of summer clothes after a long winter. I’ve rediscovered forgotten interests and realized that I have some new skills to show off.

If you are a full-time mom looking to re-enter the professional world, take some time to sit down and think about the experiences and skills that you have acquired over your years at home. Then incorporate them into your updated resume. It took me several hours and some soul searching, but it was well worth my time.

Here are some questions to help reboot your resume

  • Look at your old resume. What skills have you further enhanced as a mom?
  • Do you have any volunteer work that you could list on your resume? What skills have you acquired through this experience?
  • As moms we often overlook training that we have received in things like basic first aid, child development, budget management, and meal preparation. What training, formal or informal, have you received since you have become a mom? What information, skills, or certifications did you receive as a result?
  • If you had to hire someone to do the job of a full-time mom, what skills would you look for in a qualified applicant? You probably have most of them!

Please let me know what skills you discover or rediscover in your brainstorming process by leaving a comment below. I would love to hear them all!

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Andy and Ginny

We are a married couple living in San Antonio, Texas who are delving into the adventure of buying a house with a zero credit score and trying to help other people do the same.

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  1. thank you for your thoughts on stay-at-home parenting. i am trying to soak it all up while i can. for before too long, i too will likely be dusting off an old resume and looking at a new chapter.

    best wishes on this new chapter and season of life for you!

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