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I first encountered the term “hustle” while playing tee ball as a seven-year-old. “Hustle up!” my  middle-aged coach would yell between innings of the game. My teammates and I would push the brims down on our emerald green mesh ball caps, grip our mitts tighter, and sprint to the dugout.

“Hustle! Hustle!” he yelled again to us down the first base line as we tried to outrun the throw to first.

“Show some hustle!” he yelled to me at practice when I chased a ball into the outfield and threw with all my might to the pitcher.

By the end of that tee ball season (a championship season for us Indians I should note), I knew the meaning of hustle. It meant hurry up, run, go after it, beat it and win all in one word.

Now that Andy and I have our actual number for our down payment savings goal, I’m finding new ways to “show some hustle.” One of those ways is working as a personal shopper for Shipt.

Shipt is kind of the Uber of grocery shopping. Members order and pay for groceries online and then request a delivery time frame. Shipt shoppers are then notified when an order has been placed and can claim the order. Once a shopper claims the order, he or she then has access to the member’s order and delivery instructions. The shopper goes to the store, shops for the requested items and delivers the order to the member within the requested time frame. Shoppers are then paid $5 per order plus a percentage of the order total plus tips.

Because Shipt shoppers make their own schedules and determine how often to work, Shipt seemed like a great way to earn some extra money. However, it has not been as reliable a source of income as I would like. For example, sometimes I put myself on the schedule for 9 am to 2 pm and am offered only two orders. My hourly rate is also significantly influenced by whether the member tips or not. On average, I would say that I earn $10 an hour working as a Shipt shopper.

On days when I have busted my hump to shop three orders in four hours with intense accuracy and efficiency, I may only make forty dollars. I get discouraged wondering if I could have spent those four hours doing something more productive and lucrative. I start wondering how much money will eventually be taken out of my pay for taxes, which are charged at a higher rate as an independent contractor.

But that’s why we call it hustle, right? Hustle is hard. It requires grit, intensity, perseverance, and a lot of energy. I am realizing that hustle requires pushing myself harder than I’ve had to for a while. It means going out on a Sunday afternoon to shop orders when I would rather be relaxing at home with my family. It means pushing fully loaded, left-veering shopping carts through sideways rain in the parking lot. I’m learning that hustle means saying no the pleasure and ease of the now in order to get the reward in the future.

If Shipt isn’t the best fit for you, here is a list from Dave Ramsey’s website of other potential side-jobs for you to get your hustle on.

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Andy and Ginny

We are a married couple living in San Antonio, Texas who are delving into the adventure of buying a house with a zero credit score and trying to help other people do the same.

8 thoughts on “Show Some Hustle!”

  1. So glad I happened to see your post on FB about your new blog! So proud of you that you have zero credit score! I know the world thinks that higher is better but that means that you have not been bowing down to the debt craze and borrowing to get the score. As you know, DR recommends Churchill mortgage for those with zero credit score.

    Have you considered eBay? I have been selling unwanted clutter on there for a while and have thought about selling for profit once I get through all my clutter. Many people make good money from going to thrift store and reselling. I worked with a lady that made $20k/year working part time after work – she would go to department store and buy purses on sale. Then she would resell on eBay for profit. If an item did not sell, then she returned it. If you decide to look into it, I can give you tips on what I have learned so far.

    Another idea – a friend has been selling on amazon as private label. I do not know all the ins/outs, but she posts where she is learning the info. I could share if interested.

    Also, drop shipping seems to be something relatively easy to get into and flexible. I worked with a person that made good money doing this. I could go on and on with more ideas, but I think I will stop here…

    Can’t wait to follow your journey!!! So excited for you !

    1. Thanks for all of your comments, Mamaham! I love these ideas for earning extra income. I am especially interested in the Ebay sales. How did your friend decide to sell purses? In your experience, what sells well on Ebay?

      1. i think that the friend decided to sell purses because she was able to get high end brand ones at her department store for significant discount. then she could make a larger profit margin selling them. she used coupons etc. she returned the ones that did not sell so she was not as risky as someone that keeps a lot of inventory. they also fit really well into a box and do not weigh too much. you do have to think about shipping costs – even if the buyer pays. some things are just not profitable to sell because of weight. i read an ebook by a lady that sold brand name shoes she found at thrift stores – she seemed to do well.

        i have just been selling clutter around my house (read a random variety of things) so i don’t have a great idea of what sells the best on eBay since I am not buying to resell. However, there are tons of sites that can help you with that. you want items with high profit margin – think 50% since you have to cover your time, ebay fee, paypal fee. You can also search sold listings on ebay and sort by price to get an idea of what is selling. I do know from my experience that collectibles take longer to sell. Brand names seem to go best. Clothing can be difficult in my opinion. It is super easy to ship, but people can want to return just because it doesn’t fit – even if you have it listed as no returns. Books are hard to sell – stay away from that – too many in the market. I buy a lot of kids items on eBay so I assume that those sell well.

        When I started, I listened to a podcast “so you wanna sell on ebay” and that was really helpful. Crazylister blog is also helpful. Big tips are excellent photos, accurate description, quick shipping time (postal scale is a must and print your own labels for discount). I think with a little bit of research, you could get a good idea of what would sell based on what you have available to you. I am happy to help you in any way that I can if you decide to give it a try.

        1. Thank you for all of this detailed info! I will do some of the research that you suggested and let you know. Are y’all in the market to purchase a house?

          1. is there a way to get notified if you respond to a comment? I did not see this.

            yes, we want to buy a house at some point. The question is when. We have identified the area we want to live in but the housing market here is tight (not a lot of inventory and prices are high and going up it seems). We paid off the debt last year and now are saving for home. Seems crazy to pay off debt to just turn around and “buy” a house, but in the long run the numbers show that it is better financially than renting for us. So until we find the right place, we continue renting. Thankfully, we are not in a rush.

          2. We have come to the same conclusion about renting verses buying. It’s good to not be in a rush. You can carefully shop the market that way.

  2. I never heard of Shipt but am intrigued and want to check it out. I love grocery shopping and am curious if it’s something that could work well for me.

    And yeah, side hustles can be tough because they often seem to require more grit and sacrifice than a typical job. Love that you are determined to do what it takes to meet your goals though!

    1. Shipt seems to be more popular in San Antonio than other similar services, like Instacart. I have to say that the business with Shipt has picked up for me in the last couple of weeks, so I’ve felt that it’s more worth my time and energy. If you decide to try it, let me know. I would be glad to give you some tips to avoid some of my early mistakes as a shopper.

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