The Drive to Save

During the summer breaks of my college years, I, along with hundreds of other university students from across the country, participated in a Christian leadership training program in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We worked together at various establishments, lived together, learned Christian leadership skills together, and so forth. Twice each week, the students crowded into an area church (thankfully, outfitted with crisp air conditioning) and a pastor addressed us about any number of topics: evangelism, servant leadership, maintaining a Christian witness in college, and many others.

One time my pastor took up the topic of marriage. His delivery was capital, and, because he was speaking to hundreds of young adults about a topic that we all desired to experience, he held our rapt attention. The most memorable part of his comments was a story about a young man he had mentored. The young man was convinced he had found his future bride. Knowing the young lady, my pastor supported their union. But there was a condition: “You need to save $10,000 before you ask her to marry you.” When I heard this statement, I expected the story to end by my pastor saying the fellow required several years to accumulate that sum. I was wrong. Driven by his desire to marry, the young man saved every cent in short order. The story demonstrates that, when the longing is present, money can be saved quickly.

Thankfully, Ginny and I are not saving to marry. But we, like the romantic in my story, are driven. And drive is a major requirement in saving.

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How has your drive helped you save? Share your story below in the comments.

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