About Us

Hello! Thanks for visiting our blog and taking part in this adventure with us! Through our 15 years of life together, we have learned that part of the joy in life is to share it with others.

We are Andy and Ginny- two flawed Jesus-followers who fell in love while students at The Ohio State University and decided to join our two life adventures together. We have rarely been bored since then. God has brought us through 8 years of graduate school, over 11 jobs (between the two of us), 2 kids (including one adoption), and 2 cross country moves. Each step of the journey has brought us to a greater recognition of God’s love for us and a greater appreciation that we are just one small part of the Grand Story that He is writing in the world.

There are many things that we both enjoy: writing, reading, hiking, biking, camping, watching Ohio State football and playing four square with our two daughters on a sunny Texas Sunday afternoon.


Ginny is a stay-at-home mom working part-time as a personal grocery shopper. When she’s not grocery shopping, blogging, meal planning, cleaning or helping kids with homework, she enjoys sitting down with a good friend for a cup of tea, iced or hot.


Andy is a college and career counselor at a local private school where he enjoys investing in the lives of his students. He has the heart of the teacher, and after several years of teaching at the collegiate level, he now enjoys teaching the Bible to small groups at our local church.

We started this blog as an outlet for creative expression as well as a means to encourage others who are looking to buy a house with a zero credit score and live the debt free lifestyle.